Thursday, May 5, 2011

Swimming Update

Today was Annika's first time back in the pool since last week's disastrous swimming lesson.  I had hoped to take her to the pool some time during the week, just for fun, but that didn't happen. I was a bit nervous this morning, but she seemed to be looking forward to going swimming.  After breakfast, when she was playing with her Little People, they were at "swimming lessons" and they were playing the "fish-in-the-middle" game that they play in Annika's class (and all the Little People seemed to be having a good time, which I took as a good sign).  After last week, Carey and I had discussed whether I should go in the pool with her, but we decided that it would be best to give her another chance on her own.

When we got to the pool I was a little worried because Annika wouldn't use the bathroom before going in (and she hadn't gone before we left home).  I didn't push it, though, because I figured there was no point in getting her all upset before she even got in the pool.  She was okay, though.  She actually did great in the water this week.  There was a different teacher this week, and I mentioned to her that Annika had some troubles last week, but she was much better this time.  She even swam across the pool and back, with the help of the floaties (I'm amazed by all the different ways they think of to use a pool noodle!).  She even smiled at me from time to time (I stayed by the side of the pool this time). 

Everything went really well until it was time for going down the slide.  She was a bit hesitant, but went down with a little help the first time.  Then they were supposed to go down again, and she got upset and starting crying and ran to me (we definitely need to talk more about pool-side safety!).  Incidentally, she also said she "had to go pee", which I'm beginning to think is her way of trying to get out of doing something she doesn't want to do.  I told her she could go pee after she went down the slide, and walked with her back to the slide.  She did end up going down again, but then cried again when she got out of the pool.  The class was over by then, so we went to go change (and of course by then she no longer had to pee) and I told her that I was so proud of her.

So it wasn't a perfect lesson, but it was a whole lot better than last week.  Next week she'll probably have to miss her class, though, because next Thursday morning is when I'm finally having my root canal done (boo).  Hopefully things just keep getting better and better after that.  

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Melissa said...

Glad to hear it went better this time:)