Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prime real estate

I love where I live.  I love the area, I love our street.  I love our yard and I love our house.  And apparently, I'm not the only one.  We got some little friends who also seem to think we've got a little piece of heaven here.  This past week, I've had the windows open occasionally, and whenever I leave an upstairs window open, a bird starts building a nest there.  It will only be open for a few hours, and there will be evidence of someone trying to move in.  And these are determined little ones - check out their hard work...

Our bedroom

Kids' bathroom

Laundry room
(this is actually a second attempt - I knocked down the first nest yesterday)

So I guess we'll need to keep the windows closed (and turn on the AC!) at least for the next little while, until the birds find a more appropriate place to call home.  This one is taken.


PamJ said...

wow! i have never seen that before. how interesting... that would be an awesome shot if you got one of the bird[s] bringing it there!

Gin said...

I printed this for my Mom. She'll be fascinated!

Melissa said...

So neat. I would love a discarded nest at some point:) Fascinating!