Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We try to live a "green" lifestyle, as much as possible.  Among other things, we recycle, use cloth diapers (most of the time), wear second-hand clothes (mostly just the kids, though), use reusable shopping bags and we even have dual-flush toilets in our house so we use less water when it's only #1 going down :).  This past weekend, I picked up the final piece to complete another "green" thing for us.  A compost bin. 

I received this pretty, stainless steel kitchen compost bucket and compostable bags for my birthday, but I haven't used it yet, since I didn't have a place to put the compost outside yet.  Last weekend the city had a sale on compost bins and rain barrels, so I went to pick one up (just the compost bin, maybe we'll get the rain barrel next year). 

After waiting in line for about an hour and a half (it's a popular event, which is really cool to see), I was the new proud owner of this baby.  Now we just need to find a place in the yard to put it, and then I can start composting.  I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the finished compost, since we don't really have a garden or flower beds (my thumb is the least green part of me!), but I'm sure we'll find some use for it.  It just makes me happy to know that we'll have even less garbage sitting out at the end of our driveway each week. :)  I take pride in the fact that we, a family of 4 (with a baby, no less), usually do not throw away more than one regular-size garbage can full of garbage each week.  In fact, often it's not even full.  I think if we can do it, then anyone can.


Melissa said...

Good for you Pam, you green girl you!

Gin said...

I look forward to the day that I can set up a compost bin! Enjoy starting yours. Once you have some "product", maybe I'll have flower beds that will need help!!