Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another day at the dentist

So, to finish off my dental "saga," this morning I had my appointment with the specialist to have my root canal completed.  See this post if you don't remember what happened at the first root canal appointment.  After having a less-than-pleasant experience at the dentist's office, I was really dreading this appointment.  And yesterday, I did something that made my anxiety even worse - I checked out the dentist I was going to see on, a website where people can post ratings about doctors and dentists.  Some of the comments were not very favourable, which made me feel even worse.  However, everything went really well this morning - a lot better than I was expecting.  The doctor was not overly friendly or talkative, but he worked quickly and seemed to really know his stuff.  He didn't even really say much to his assistant, but she seemed to know what he needed and they passed the tools back and forth so quickly that it was almost like a dance between the two of them.  Other than the occasional "open wide", I think there was one other word that he said during the procedure - "good."  And if you only hear one word during a root canal, that's the one you want to hear!

So I'm glad that that's all over and done with now, and I would gladly recommend this dentist, if anyone needs a root canal.  In fact, I think I'll put my own review up on ratemds, just to balance out some of the negative reviews.

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Elizabeth Cull said...

Congrats man. I know how tough it is to feel anxious at the dentist. Not having a good experience on one dental procedure kind of gives the mind an involuntary reaction to feel a bit of dread. Thankfully, your recent trip seems to have dispelled that. Here's hoping that any check-ups later on would be like that as well.