Friday, May 13, 2011

Emmett's room: part II

I've come to a decision about what to do with the empty wall in Emmett's room.  I've appreciated all your feedback about the pictures and I've chosen......

Neither of them!  My mom actually gave me an idea that I liked even more - she suggested that I turn the crib quilt (which is currently being used as a play mat on the floor, since Emmett uses a sleep sac instead of a blanket) into a wall hanging.  She's going to help me sew a pocket on the back, and put a rod in and attach a nice cord to hang it up on the wall.  I liked the idea because it will (obviously) match the rest of the decor, and I don't have to buy anything more (other than a rod and the cord).  Also, the crib quilt is a bit of a useless thing anyways (I seem to remember Annika's crib quilt spending most of its time nicely folded up at the end of her crib), so this way it will be put to good use.

The crib quilt on the floor - soon to be reborn as a wall hanging
 PS. For those who were curious which picture I was leaning towards, it was the elephant picture, which also happened to be the one that got the most votes! 

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Andrea said...

Those mom's sure are smart sometimes, hey? :)