Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ready or not? Apparently not

I wrote the other day that I thought it was time to start Emmett on solids, even though I wasn't quite ready for it.  Well, we tried some cereal today, and it seems that he's actually not quite ready for it either.  I was pretty surprised - I thought he'd love to eat, but he wasn't overly interested in the spoon (until I let him play with it afterwards) and when I actually got it into his mouth, he pushed out most of the cereal.  We tried for a little while, and he kind of got the hang of it with a few bites, but in general he wasn't gobbling it up like I had expected.  He also made a bit of a face when he tasted the cereal. 

Since I was in no rush to have him eating food anyways, we'll wait for a couple days before trying again.  Maybe in the meantime I'll give him a bowl and spoon to play with during our meal times, just so he gets used to seeing them and using them.

PS. his awesome "upcycled" jean bib was a gift made by a friend and they are for sale here.

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