Monday, May 9, 2011

Emmett's room

I'm still working on finishing the decorating in Emmett's room (okay, let's be honest - I'm still working at finishing the decorating in most of the house, but Emmett's room is my current project).  Since we didn't know beforehand if it would be a girl or a boy, we didn't do much with the room before he was born.  It was painted green (like Annika's room) when the house was built, and we moved Annika's crib and change table over to the "baby room" when she got her "big girl" furniture.  We bought a new rocker and footstool in a neutral color, and that was about it.  We actually didn't even have blinds up in his room until a few weeks after he was born, as he came a bit earlier than we were expecting!

I've got most of the stuff done in Emmett's room.  We picked out a jungle-themed set of crib bedding, and some matching wall decorations (there's also a window valance to match that I haven't gotten to hanging up yet).  I wasn't planning on having a jungle theme, but I really liked the colors of the set, and I thought it was pretty cute.  I painted the letters of his name to match, as well as some picture frames (which still need to have pictures put in them).  I have one wall left to complete.  It's a big wall, so I was thinking of putting a fairly large something there.  The challenge is deciding what that something is.  I figured if we were going to get a larger picture or poster to put there, I wanted something that wasn't too baby-ish, so he wouldn't outgrow it right away (or when he did want to change it, it would be something I liked and could put somewhere else in the house).  Staying with the jungle/African theme, I found these posters at and I'm trying to decide between the two.

African Silhouette Art Print by Jim Zuckerman for $11.64 CAD
"African Silhouette"

African Sky II Art Print by Jim Zuckerman for $11.64 CAD
"African Sky"
I'd appreciate your feedback, and let me know which one you'd pick (I won't tell you which one I'm leaning towards).  Also, if anyone has any ideas for a relatively inexpensive way to frame or mount the picture, I'd love to hear those too.  I'd like to do something more than just sticky-tack it to the wall, but I'm not sure what.  Or if you have a completely different idea for what I should do with the space, let me know.  I'm open to whatever right now.

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carissa said...

I think the panther picture (is that what the cat is?) is a fascinating picture, but I would choose the elephants, i guess cause i get freaked out easily, and don't like the thought of a panther licking his chops while looking over a baby:P ha. I just think large magnificent creatures like elephants are beautiful anyways - and it's a mom and baby too!
Whatever you choose will be great!

Andrea said...

I vote for the elephants! They seem more kid-like instead of the tree scenery...well, as kid-like as non-Dumbo elephants can be. :)

Gin said...

I agree - the elephants. We watched a show yesterday on Animal Planet on orphaned elephants in Africa and a refuge for them. It was fascinating. They really are gentle creatures....big but gentle.