Monday, May 30, 2011

Healthier eating monday: breakfast and fish

I'm happy to report that this week we accomplished the goals that I set last week.  Annika has not had a juice box all week - just milk, water or watered-down juice at snack time.  I was also able to make not one, but TWO homemade things this week!  I made banana bread on Wednesday and oatmeal raisin cookies on Saturday.  Annika has been inhaling the banana bread at breakfast (doesn't hurt that there's chocolate chips in there!), so I'll have to make it again, since breakfasts can sometimes be tricky for us (more on that further down).  Perhaps with fewer chocolate chips, so it's a bit healthier.  And I was thinking about substituting applesauce for the oil.  Does anyone know how that works - is it an even subsitution?  I guess I could look it up online and find out.  Also, what's the trick to get banana bread baked all the way through without being burnt on the edges?  My banana bread is always a little undercooked in the middle, because I don't want the outside getting too dark.  Advice is welcome.

My goals for this week (in addition to last week's goals) are to limit sugary cereals at breakfast to only twice a week, and to serve fish once a week for supper.

Annika l-o-v-e-s Froot Loops and Corn Pops.  I think she discovered them while we were at the lake, and we had those little cereal boxes.  I then bought those cereals for a "treat" at home, which has escalated to her eating them almost every morning.  I started off with good intentions - she used to only get sugary cereals on Friday mornings, as a treat.  But then with Emmett coming along, I started giving in to her requests to have them more often.  It was something I knew she'd eat without complaint (always a plus, especially on mornings when we were rushing out the door), plus it was an easy breakfast for her to eat by herself (since she eats the cereal dry, milk "on the side").  I didn't have to worry about sticky fingers or a dirty face, if I was busy feeding Emmett and she got up from the table.  However, it's probably not the best thing for her to have everyday.  Although, the other day I did a "nutritional analysis" (aka I looked at the labels) of Froot Loops, Corn Pops and toast with jam, and I was surprised to find that they were actually quite similar in some aspects.  Kelloggs now makes these cereals with added fiber (which is why I'll actually buy brand-name Froot Loops and Corn Pops instead of the no-name versions), so they were pretty close in that regard.  The number of calories was also pretty similar, although the cereals did have more grams of sugar per serving.  So I don't think that having these cereals occasionally is bad for her, but there are probably better options.  We'll start by cutting back to twice a week, and then maybe in the future get back to only once a week.

My other goal for this week is to have fish once a week for supper (and fish sticks don't count!).  The Canada Food Guide actually reccomends eating fish twice a week, but we'll start off with once a week.  I don't have a lot of fish recipes (other than an awesome tuna casserole), so if anyone has some good recipes, please pass them along!

So that's it for this week.  A few more small steps.  Here's a recap of all the goals for the week:
- no juice boxes
- make at least 1 homemade item
- limit sugary cereals at breakfast to twice a week
- have fish for supper once a week


Gin said...

I love Froot Loops as a snack!! We never got stuff like that as kids so when I started doing my own grocery shopping, I bought them. Now even for me, they're a treat.

For fish, I've used lemon pepper on pickerel and it's gone over well with Wes who is not a huge seafood fan. I'm going to try some of the white fish that I've seen in the freezer section at Safeway. I can't remember the name but if I try it, I'll let you know.

Good luck with your goals!! They're worth following through on.

Andrea said...

Wow, look at you and all of your goals! Very impressive...and inspiring!