Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Go, Jets, go!

So the NHL is officially back in Winnipeg.  I may not be the biggest hockey fan, and I will definitely not be at Portage and Main today partying it up, but I have to say that I'm excited about it.  My dad had season tickets for the Jets when we were growing up, and going to games with him is one of my favorite childhood memories.  I'm not one for watching sports on TV, but going to live games is a different thing, especially for a kid - the excitement of the crowd, the arena food, getting to stay up late.  Plus, it was a special thing to get to have a "date" with my dad.  As a kid, my favorite player was Randy Carlyle, because I could always tell which one he was on the ice (he didn't wear a helmet - can you imagine that now?).  I remember when the Jets left, I donated $15 to the "Save the Jets" cause.  I believe I was in grade 7 at the time, so that was a lot of money!

Anyway, I'm excited that we'll have a team again (I hope they call them the Jets, but I'm not holding my breath).  I doubt that we'll get season tickets, but we'll likely go to a few games.  And perhaps one day Annika will look back and fondly remember going to hockey games with her daddy too. :)

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