Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Second time around

I often tease my mom about what a pack rat she is, but every now and then she comes up with a real gem.  Like this little blue dress of mine that she's saved all these years.  It's still in great condition, and it's simple enough that it doesn't scream '80s (which is when I wore it - that's my kindergarten picture), and Annika loves it.  I think part of the reason she loves it is because it was mine, because I'm sure if I went out and bought her something so plain and simple it would not be such a favorite!  But whatever, if she wants to wear it that's great.  I think it will be a nice, comfortable play dress that will get lots of wear this summer.

PS. Don't you love my hair??  ;)  My mom used to curl it with a curling iron, and while she was doing it, I would put on a little pair of white gloves and put my hands over my ears so she wouldn't burn my ears (because it happened).


Melissa said...

That is awesome, everything the dress, the saving it, the re-wearing it and of course the photo of you!

Andrea said...

That dress is actually really cute! I love it all too, just like Mel!