Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here comes the bride... doll

I've been slowly working away at painting the wooden dolls for Annika's dollhouse and I wanted to show off the ones that I've finished.  Here are the bride and groom dolls...

Pretty cute, eh?  Here's my inspiration for them... :)

I even tried to replicate the sparkly beading detail on my dress (which you can't really see in this picture), which is difficult to do with glitter glue, but I think it turned out not bad.  Annika was insistent that the veil cover most of the bride's hair, unlike mine that was just in the back, but I was okay with that since I wasn't really sure how to paint an "updo" on a wooden doll!  The veil is superglued on to her head, so hopefully it stays on.  I think the little groom doll turned out quite well, except for the fact that it looks like he has "spock" ears (I was trying to copy Carey's sideburns).

And here's the little baby girl doll that I showed you earlier.  I painted polka dots on her dress and put a little flower in her hair.

I'm in the process of painting the little baby boy (whose overalls have given me no end of grief - I actually sanded all the paint off him yesterday and started fresh!) and the little girl in her blue dress.  Then I have 3 more to go!  And I'm thinking I may have to get Emmett a few dolls of his own - he sure likes Annika's, which doesn't always go over so well with her!


Gin said...

You've done an amazing job with these dolls! I love them.

Jedidja said...

O, this is amazing. I like it and now I am your new follower.

Melissa said...

They are so gorgeous Pam, way better than the ones I painted Sydney:) You could have your own little etsy site for them, they look that good. Great job Pam:)