Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

We started our Mother's Day celebrations on Saturday evening.  Carey's parents were camping for the weekend at a campground about half an hour from us, so we drove out there on Saturday to have supper with them and his sister.  Carey's mom had a few new toys to keep the kids entertained at the campsite, and this bubble-blowing gun was definitely a big hit (I think actually even the grown ups had fun with it too ;) ).

On Sunday morning we skipped Sunday School and enjoyed a bit of time at home together as a family.  Carey made me cinnamon buns (with some help from Pilsbury ;) ) and Annika made me 3 cards and a drawing.  This is the first year that she seems to really understand what Mother's Day is about, so that's really fun.  She told me that she was going to be happy and smiley and listen to me all day (which didn't actually happen, but she was pretty well-behaved most of the day).  Then we went to church, which was good except for the fact that Emmett banged his chin on the pew (twice) and knocked his two lower teeth a bit loose (and bled all over his cute "mommy rocks" shirt before I had a chance to take a picture of him in it).  I was scared that he was going to lose the teeth, but it seems to be okay now (other than the fact that it's still pretty raw and tender in his mouth - he tripped again today and started bleeding like crazy again).  The teeth might get a bit discolored though, from the trauma.  At least they're just baby teeth - they just happen to be the only teeth he has on the bottom, so I really didn't want him to lose them!!

At church all the moms got chocolate bars (yum), and I got a rose from Annika's Sunday School teacher (she had roses for all the kids to give to their moms, but we missed Sunday School, so I just got it after church).  After church we went to Wendy's for lunch with 2 other families from church that are friends of ours.  They both have kids that are a bit older than ours, so we had 2 tables - adults and kids.  Annika sat at the kids table, and I was really proud of her for doing that, because she still is a bit shy, especially in groups. 

After lunch Annika wanted to go to a greenhouse to pick out some flowers for me, but we decided that we should get Emmett home for his nap, especially with all the excitement/trauma of the morning.  We had a quiet afternoon, and by the time Emmett was up from his nap it was too late to go to a greenhouse.  So Annika picked me a lovely yellow bouquet from our front yard. ;)

For supper we ordered Chinese takeout (my request), but they were so busy that they couldn't tell us when it would be delivered.  So Carey made some Kraft Dinner for the kids while we waited for our food to arrive (it's not like the kids would've eaten the Chinese food anyway).  When the food finally arrived the kids were done eating, so we took our food outside and ate on the deck while the kids played outside.  It was a beautiful evening for it.  We spent the rest of the evening playing outside, and I tried to get a few pictures with the kids, but Emmett wasn't in a picture-taking mood.

This was a bit of a different Mother's Day for me, since both my mother and my mother-in-law were away (my parents were at their cabin for the weekend), so I was looking forward to actually being the mother on Mother's Day.  It seems so often that we're so busy with doing things for our mothers that I don't get a lot of time for just us.  Not that I'm complaining about it - I'm actually incredibly thankful to have 2 wonderful mothers in my life (and so near by) - but I was looking forward to just spending the day with my own little family.  However, I have to admit, it did seem a bit strange not to see them on Mother's Day.


Gin said...

I love that Annika brought you dandelions!! I remember doing that as a kid and how my mother would ooh and aahh over them!! Her birthday was on May 8th and I met them for a quick dinner. On my way to the restaurant, I pulled over and picked a few dandelions for her!! I got the same reaction and it still feels good!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Andrea said...

This was my first Mother's Day all to myself (with us having celebrated on Friday and Saturday with my Mom and Mom-in-law) and it also felt strange. Part of me liked the fact that we could just relax and do our own thing, but another part of me felt like something was missing.