Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The little boy in the overalls

I was going to wait until I had finished painting all the peg dolls before sharing any more photos (I've just got to finish up the details on the last 3), but I just couldn't wait to show you this little boy.  I think he's my favorite of them all, just because he took so much time and effort and I love his little overalls.  Annika calls him the "Emmett" doll.

As I mentioned in this post, I actually sanded all the paint off him the other day, after I decided that I didn't like how his overalls looked (they looked more like a girl's jumper than overalls).  The paint I was using was pretty thick, so I couldn't just paint over it.  So I sanded him down, thinned the paint with a little water and started fresh (oh, and I googled pictures of overalls for proper reference!).  I'm really happy with he looks now, except for the slight bluish tinge to his "skin".  When I was painting the top coat on, I realized (a little too late) that the dark blue color was bleeding into the orange and onto the bare wood of his face.  On his shirt I was able to fix it with another coat of orange, but there wasn't much I could do with his face.  I tried sanding it a little, but I really didn't want to sand off his eyes and hair and have to start over again, so I just left it as is.  I think he's still pretty cute, regardless, and it doesn't seem to bother Annika.

Like I said, I have 3 more to finish up, and on those I just need to paint on the fine details and then put on the top coat (I've been using matte Mod Podge for a top coat, in case anyone was wondering).  I'll be a little sad when they're all done, because I've really been enjoying painting them.  It's really been a labour of love. :)


Andrea said...

They are all turning out so cute!

Melissa said...

Seriously Pam, You should start up an esty site with all your lovelies:)

Melissa said...

Opps I mean etsy.

Jedidja said...

Cool little man!