Monday, May 21, 2012

1000 gifts: it's been a while

It's been quite a long time since I've done a "1000 gifts" post, and I want to get back into the habit of doing them.  If you don't remember (I didn't), I was at #130 when I lasted posted a list, way back on November 14.  It's not like I haven't been thankful for anything since then, it's just that I haven't taken the time to record it.  It's funny how those little moments just seem to slip away when you don't take the time and acknowledge them.  So I'm going to try harder to acknowledge all the good things in my life, because there are so many.  Here's what I'm thankful for this week...

131. Rain that makes everything green and calms down my hay fever.

132. My little drummer boy (he set this all up on his own).

133. A new-found way to be creative.

134. Seeing the joy Annika gets from her dollhouse and family of wooden dolls.

135. Good news for a friend.

136. Snuggles with a sweaty baby after his nap (what is it about a sleepy, sweaty baby that is so sweet?).

137. An quiet afternoon spent alone at home (probably one of my last for a while - Annika's preschool ends this week!)

138. Homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast.

139. Our new patio furniture - the deck has been waiting and waiting for this!

140. Lots of good friends to help us "break in" the patio furniture on Sunday for lunch.

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Andrea said...

I love the practice of counting our blessings! I started just posting them on any day of the week rather than just Mondays, as I found that sometimes I didn't have the time the get a post up in time for Monday. so rather than skip a week (and two and three sometimes...) I just decided to do these posts any days I choose!