Thursday, October 13, 2011

Would I be a hypocrite...

... if I told you that I was reconsidering my stance on Pinterest?

For those of you who don't recall my earlier post about it (and are too lazy to click the link to go read it), I determined a while back that Pinterest was not for me.  My two main reasons were that it would end up wasting a bunch of my time (already have Facebook for that!), and that it would probably also feed my "green-eyed monster" (meaning, I would start coveting the things that I saw, rather than being content with what I have). 

However, since I've started sewing, I've been thinking that it could come in handy.  I've come across quite a few neat projects that I'd like to attempt and it sure would be handy to have a place to "pin" them all in one spot (right now I have a few pages tagged as "favorites" and a few pictures saved to my computer, etc, but it's a bit cumbersome).  So I was thinking of starting a Pinterest account, just for keeping track of sewing ideas.  At least that's my goal.  I feel okay with my decision (despite my previous opinion), because before I felt that I didn't have a purpose for using it, so it would be a bit frivolous.  Now that I have a purpose, it seems okay.  Does that make sense?  However, I know that I could easily get caught up in it, so I will have to be careful to limit the time I spend on it.  Please feel free to check in with me from time to time, to keep me accountable. :)


Liane : P said...

Welcome back to the dark side....maw-ha ha ha ha

Andrea said...

It doesn't make you a just means you changed your mind.

You're allowed to do that! :)