Saturday, October 15, 2011

A weekend of "new-to-me" things

This weekend we have gotten quite a few "new-to-me" (aka used or second-hand or hand-me-down - whatever you prefer!) things, and it's been very exciting.  Lately I've really gotten on board with buying (or even better, receiving for free) used stuff instead of new.  Not only is it usually cheaper (there are a few things you can get just as cheap new, especially if you watch for deals, but most of the time it's cheaper), but it's also a very "green" way to shop.  Items that may have been discarded and ended up in the garbage, just because one person no longer had use for them, are given a new life and stay out of the landfills.

On Friday, I attended at ladies clothing exchange.  If you've never been to a clothing exchange before, you're missing out!  They are so much fun, plus they're a great way to freshen up your wardrobe (for free!).  The basic idea is that everyone brings clothes (plus other stuff like shoes, purses, accessories, even small household items) that are still in good condition, but are no longer loved or being used.  Then everything is put into piles (we divide by categories - pants, skirts, tops, etc) and it's a free for all!  You grab what you like (and sometimes you have to be pretty quick to grab!) and what you think would fit you, and then start trying stuff on.  Whatever works you can keep, and whatever doesn't goes back into the pile for someone else.  At the end of the night, whatever is left over is donated to a local thrift shop. 

I've attended a few clothing exchanges in the past, and haven't been overly successful.  However, I hit the jackpot at this one.  I brought a laundry basket full of clothes and went home with a laundry basket full of clothes!  I got 11 tops (camisoles, sweaters, t-shirts, etc), 2 skirts (a corduroy one that will be great for fall and a light, flowery one that will have to wait until spring), a denim blazer and a corduroy purse (I really like corduroy).  The purse is pretty big, so it might almost pass for a diaper bag, for just short trips when I don't need to bring along too much.  I'm too lazy to take pictures of anything right now, but maybe another day.  My one disappointment of the night was a beautiful, homemade brown dress that almost fit me, but was just too tight around my ribcage, so I had to pass it on to a friend.  It was actually a dress that had been my mother-in-law's in the '70s.  I really liked it, but I like breathing more. ;)  There was also another dress that was really pretty, and fit me pretty well, but was just too uncomfortable, so I passed on it.  But all in all, it was a good night.

Today was my fall Y Neighbours Used Kids' clothing and toy sale, so I got a couple "new" things for the kids as well.  I had to restrain myself somewhat while shopping, because there's not a lot that they actually need.  We have plenty of toys, and both of them actually have most of what they'll need for winter clothes already, thanks to other hand-me-downs (seriously, I think about 80% of the kids' wardrobes are "new-to-them", which is awesome).  One thing that Emmett was still needing was winter boots, and I found a pair of Robeez boots, in his size, for only $5.  Score!  I also found a shirt and a pair of pants for him, and a Halloween costume.  I'll admit, the costume was not something he needed.   I had already borrowed a costume from a friend, but when I saw this costume today, I just had to get it (and it was only $10).  Anyone who was at the sale has seen the costume, but for everyone else, I'm keeping it a secret until Halloween.  But just know that it's awesome. :) 

I had a hard time buying something for Annika, since like I said, she didn't really need anything.  But I knew that I couldn't come home with a bunch of stuff for Emmett and nothing for her, so I bought her a movie (Happily N'ever After) and a pair of shoes.  She loved them both (yay for me).  The velcro tabs on the shoes need to be replaced, but other than that they're great.  What girl wouldn't love sparkly pink shoes with flowers on them?? :)

So that's all the "new" stuff around here.  And the best part - it was less than $25 for it all. :)


Gin said...

I want the pink shoes!!!!

carissa said...

I would love to see you with shoes like that, Gin! Ultimate girly! :)
I also really enjoyed the clothing exchange - I think most girls like getting new stuff, for free! I just wonder if it's truly enjoyable for all women, or if it's uncomfortable for some.. just a thought..