Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another round of swimming lessons

Annika started her swimming lessons yesterday evening.  She's repeating the level that she did in spring, Sea Otter.  She seems to be off to a good start.  She's at the same pool as in spring, and she also has the same instructor (who even remembered her!).  So I think that makes her feel a bit more comfortable.  The unfortunate thing last night was that the shallow pool was closed (someone probably had an 'accident' in there), so the lesson was in the deep pool.  Annika's class was in the shallow end of the deep pool - they had set up a little platform for the kids to stand on, but they still all had to wear lifejackets.  Also, with the height of the platform, the kids were only in the water up till their waists, so I think they got pretty cold (wet lifejacket + body out of the water + standing next to the wall for most of the lesson = cold, at least I would think so!).  I know one little girl was quite cold, as she cried most of the lesson "I'm cold!!!"  I felt so bad for her, and her mom, as it was her first time in swimming lessons, and she screamed and cried for almost the whole lesson (I was having flashbacks to the lesson that Annika cried through in spring).  However, even though the mom had her bathing suit on, and it was the first lesson, she didn't go in the water to try to comfort or calm her little girl.  I found that really strange.  After all, it was the first lesson, and it's a TRANSITIONAL level - the kids are supposed to be getting used to being on their own in the water over the course of the lessons, they don't need to do it all on the first day!!  I'm not sure why the mom didn't go in - maybe she felt like her kid should be on her own since the other kids were (Annika and another little boy whom I think was also repeating the level).  It almost seems like they should have 2 sub-levels of Sea Otter - first timers and repeats.  It's really amazing to see the difference between the two.  I can definitely see a difference in Annika this time around, compared to last time (although she seemed a little concerned and unsettled by the crying girl - I half expected her to start crying too, just because the other girl was so upset).  Even the instructor came and talked to me after class and told me how much of an improvement she saw already between springtime and now.  So that's encouraging to hear.  Hopefully Annika will keep improving, and will also enjoy herself (because that is just as important!).

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