Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo challenge day 7: something new

Not much new and exciting around here.  This picture is of some new sheets that I bought for Annika the other day.  She's been dry at night (or wakes up to pee) almost every night for about 2 months now, but we still put her in a pull-up every night, just in case.  I think, though, that she's just about ready to go without the pull-up.  However, before we try it out, I had to buy an extra set of sheets, since I only have one set of sheets for her bed.  When we were at Walmart the other day, she picked out this pink set.  So the sheet are new, and when I get enough courage to let her go without the pull-up, that will be new too!


Pamela said...

Nice her room painted pink too?

pam said...

Nope, both of the kids' rooms are painted moss green (it's a very calming color). Maybe that's why they're such good sleepers. :)