Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo challenge day 19: where I slept

Our bedroom - probably the most neglected (decorating-wise) area of the house.  We really haven't done anything with the space yet.  My grandma passed away shortly before we got married, so we inherited her bedroom set (which is not really my style).  However, she had a double bed, and ours is a queen, so we don't have a headboard.  I dream about having a beautiful bedroom set one day, but I'm not sure when it will happen (if ever), because it's so low on the priority list.  I'll admit, last year when we bought Annika her "big girl" bedroom set, I was quite jealous.  It's a beautiful dark espresso set, with a sleigh-style headboard, like I've always wanted. 
One thing that I like about our bedroom is our pot lights in the bulkhead over the bed.  It eliminates the need for bedside lamps, and we each have a switch controlling the light on our own side near the bed.  The other thing I like about our bedroom is the pillow shams on the bed - mostly just because Carey dislikes them so much!  I think decorative pillows are the bane of every man's existence.  Or perhaps it's just mine. ;)


LaughingLady said...

Yeah, my husband feels the same way about all things pillow!! I'm constantly finding the little pillows in the living room stashed behind or under the couches, too!

In our bedroom though, I've put the bedspread-matching shams on spare pillows and our sleeping pillows underneath, so that he can just whip the "hoity-toity" pillows off the bed instead of having to go through the hassle of undressing his pillow before he goes to sleep every night!

See what a considerate wife I am?! ;)

pam said...

I do that too with the pillows! Our "real" pillows are underneath. Even still, the "sham" pillows usually spend most of their time crammed between the bed and the night tables. I poofed them up and put them on the bed especially for this picture. :)