Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo challenge day 22: trees

This is my favorite tree in our backyard.  It's huge, so the backyard is shaded for most of the day, which has been so nice this summer when it's been so hot outside.  I love the way it grows outwards as well as upwards - I can imagine Annika and Emmett climbing it one day. 

 It's actually growing in sort of an awkward spot - it's basically at the corner of 4 properties (but I think it's mostly on our yard).  Luckily, so far no one's made an issue about it.  In fact, when we replaced the one fence a few summers ago, our neighbours sacrificed some of their yard, to build the fence around the tree, instead of insisting the fence go along the property line (and through the tree).  I hope it's never an issue - I couldn't imagine losing it.

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