Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blogging question

Since I'm still a relatively new blogger, I have a question for you veteran bloggers.  It's actually a question about questions.  What do you do when someone asks you a question in the comments?  Do you just post your reply in the comments as well (and hope that they check back for your response) or do you email them your reply so you know they see it (assuming you have their email address)?  Or both??  I'd like to hear what other people do, so I know if I'm doing things "right".  Thanks!

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Andrea said...

I'm not a good one for blogging etiquette, I must admit!

I don't really know how to answer questions either...I don't usually leave an answer in the comment section, as a lot of people don't check back for answers.

I normally don't go to the trouble to send an actual email either - since often I don't have the email address.

The most ideal way to answer is to just be able to click 'reply' on the email notification that you get with your reader's comment. Although in order for you to do that, the blogger who commented has to enable their email...which I conveniently explain how to do in a post here:

(hint...hint...) ;)