Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photo challenge day 6: childhood memory

I wasn't quite sure how to take a picture of one of my own childhood memories, so here's a picture of something that may one day be a childhood memory for Annika - yesterday she got her very own library card.  I forgot to bring my camera along to the library, so this is when we got home.  She was very excited about it, although she doesn't quite fully understand the concept of a library and a library card yet (she keeps asking about paying for our books).


Nikki said...

very cool..first library card...opens her up to a whole new world...

I am a preschool and I sell a book line called Barefoot books

very good should check them out!!

Pamela said...

Great post! It's will be fun for her to see what the library card looked like when she was a kid...they'll probably be some kind of thumb print electronic card by the time she has kids of her own.