Monday, August 8, 2011

1000 gifts: #21-30

book club (aka 'dessert club') :)

two nights out without the kids in one week

a brother and sister-in-law willing to babysit (and tolerate my 'neurotic-mommy' instruction notes!)

Jolly Jumper time

a week without needing to use Emmett's eczema prescription cream (and he's even been having wheat every day!).

the challenge of taking pictures every day and being creative with them

the fun and excitement of planning and anticipation (no, I'm not announcing anything - it's not that kind of anticipation.  We've just been discussing a few get-aways for the fall and winter)

strong arms & back to carry around our big, growing baby, who is now 21.5 lbs at 8 months!

Annika twirling in her 'princess' dress

free clothes from a friend who likes to purge


Andrea said...

Ha ha...the free clothes ended up on my list for today too. ;)

Lisa said...

What a wonderful list, I love big growing babies, and the muscles that come with carrying them!!!!

Christina said...

I enjoyed your list! Getting out twice-that's a gift:)