Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo challenge day 29: purchased

Went on a little "shopping spree" at Tiber River Naturals the other day.  I love their stuff - I love that the products are made with natural ingredients, and I love that the company was started by a local mom, making soap in her home!  Here's what I bought - can you guess what was on my list and what was an impulse buy?

(back - left to right)
Honey beer shampoo
Body butter - Naked (unscented)
Lavender essential oil
Tea tree oil
Body lotion - Naked (unscented)
(front - left to right)
Lip silk - Waikiki
Teething gel

1 comment:

Miriam said...

Oooh, love body products! Especially if they're organic!:) I've got a facial soap with tea tree oil as an ingrediant. If you've got the oil raw, make sure you google it first, have heard that it can cause some rash or something if used too often :/