Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More potty talk

So far we haven't really gotten anywhere with the "potty independence" that I wrote about a while ago (I mentioned the idea of giving her little potty to a friend and Annika did NOT like it at all), however it seems that Annika has reached a different, and very significant, potty milestone.  She's staying dry through the night!  She's had quite a few nights in the past where she's stayed dry, but what has just recently developed is that she will wake up and go to the bathroom if she needs to go at night, rather than just staying asleep and going in her pull-up.  I'm excited that she's reached this milestone, however, it means that now I get woken up at night with a frantic "mommy I have to pee!!!" (how come it's always "mommy"??).  The first time she did it, she startled me so much that I had a hard time getting back to sleep afterwards.  Last night I think I was still half-asleep when I took her to the bathroom, because I told her to pull up her "buffalo pants" (I meant pajama pants - not sure where "buffalo" came from!).  So I guess this is more incentive to get her to go by herself, so I can stay in bed!

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