Saturday, June 4, 2011

101 uses for a nursing cover

Shortly after Emmett was born, a friend of mine made me this lovely nursing cover.  It came in very handy while I was nursing (especially over Christmas when we went to 5 family gatherings in 3 days), and when I stopped breastfeeding, I was a bit sad that it would no longer be used.  However, it gets used more these days by Annika than when I was using it. 

When I was still nursing, sometimes Annika would pretend to nurse her babies underneath the cover as well.  Since she no longer sees me doing that, I haven't seen her do it either lately.  However, she does use the cover as a sling (with her baby propped up against the boning of the cover) or as a blankie.  When her imagination really starts going, the cover becomes a ball gown, an apron, a cape, or a jacket.  Who knows what she'll come up with next.  It's so neat to see her imagination blossom, and see the cover get so much love.

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