Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few of my favorite things: Bye bye boo boo

I've decided I'm going to start writing posts called "A few of my favorite things" (not sure how often, maybe weekly, we'll see).  These will be about products and stuff that I like.  These are not paid reviews, and I did not receive anything for free to review (nor am I giving anything away).  It's just stuff that I like and want to share about. 

Bye Bye Boo BooYesterday we were outside enjoying the weather in the kiddie pool and when we came inside, I noticed that Annika had gotten a bug bite.  She usually gets rather large welts from bites, so it's pretty easy to see where she's been bitten.  As sad as I was that the bugs were out (we've been enjoying the bug-free days so far), I was excited to get out one of my favorite products to treat the bite - Bye Bye Boo Boo by Broody Chick.  It looks like a chapstick, but it's made to be applied to "bites, stings, scratches or scuffs."  It's a Canadian-made, all-natural product and contains stuff like cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E, chamomile, lavender and tea tree oil.  It's supposed to "soothe irritation and promote healing."  We discovered it last summer, and since then I've stocked up, as we go through it pretty quickly.  Last summer I kept one in my bag, one in the kitchen and one upstairs in Annika's bathroom.  I bought it online, but the other day I was in Vita Health and I discovered that they sell it there too.

So why do I love it so much?  Because it works so well???  Well, that's debatable.  I tried it on my own bites last summer and didn't think it made that much of a difference, at least not for more than a few minutes.  But to Annika, it's a magic stick.  I think it's the power of a placebo - I tell her that it will make her feel better, and she believes it (at least she did last year, we'll see if it works the same this year).  It's easy and safe to apply, so I let her do it herself.  She's such a little princess and loves putting on lip gloss, so this is just as fun for her.  It may not work exactly as described, but it does work as a distraction, which sometimes is just as good.

For more info about Broody Chick all-natural products (they actually make compostable disposable diapers and wipes too!), check out their website!


Andrea said...

Too funny! Love the power of suggestion, hey? It's like band-aids with my girls...they still seem to think they have healing powers! They don't just use a band-aid for when they are bleeding...any sort of "owie" seems to call for a band-aid and suddenly it feels all better, even though it technically doesn't do anything to stop pain. :) Kids are so funny!

Melissa said...

Love this idea! I am always interested to see other's favorites!