Monday, June 13, 2011

Healthier eating monday: water, water everywhere

I'll start off with a recap of how last week went:
  1. No juice boxes: check! 
  2. At least 1 homemade baked item: check!  I made this delicious (and hopefully slightly more nutritious) banana bread.
  3. Limit sugary cereals at breakfast to twice a week:  check!  Annika actually didn't have Froot Loops or Corn Pops at all last week, because she wanted banana bread instead (big boost to my baking ego). :)
  4. Have fish for supper once a week: check!  We had "Tuna Fiesta" (a yummy tuna casserole with salsa, corn and black beans) for supper on Wednesday, and fish sticks on Thursday (which don't really count, but they were fish at some point). 
  5. Have a serving of vegetables at lunch: Not sure if we got a full serving at each lunch (that we were at home for), but close to it.  Most days it was baby carrots or snap peas (I love prewashed, precut veggies - they're my stand-by).  On Friday I had a chicken caesar salad for lunch, but Annika didn't want to have any (which I find surprising, since she usually like caesar salad).
My goal for this week is to drink more water.  I have a water bottle that holds about 500 mL (about 2 cups), and my goal is to fill it up each morning and have it emptied by supper time (I don't like to drink a lot after supper, then I just have to get up to pee at night).  Annika has a matching water bottle, and I'm also going to try to keep hers filled and accessible.

I'm also going to try to cut down on the amount of milk I drink.  I love milk, and I have it at lunch and supper, and sometimes snack time too.  I drink skim milk, to try to reduce the calories and fat.  However, Canada Food Guide recommends that a woman my age only needs 2 servings of dairy products (one serving would be 1 cup or 250 mL of milk), and I'm guessing I easily drink at least 3 cups of milk a day, plus sometimes I will also have cheese or yogurt.  So I'm probably getting a bit too much of a good thing.  My goal is to have only 1 cup (as in 250 mL, not one cupful, as my cups hold more than 250 mL) of milk with lunch, and 1 cup with supper.  If I need more liquid than that with my meals, I'll drink water, and I'll drink water at snack time.  Unless, of course, we're having cookies for snack (which we don't often, just sometimes as a treat).  Cookies need milk, that's just a fact. :)

So that's it for this week!


Andrea said...

I seriously am so impressed with how you have set out to achieve a new goal each week. And how you have been STICKING TO THEM!!!

Gin said...

You're right - cookies need milk!! I think it's in the fine print on the Canada Food Guide.

Lil & I were in Grand Forks a few weeks ago and picked up Fruity Cheerios - they're smaller than Froot Loops and not as sugary. They're a great snack. I'm going again on Sunday. Want me to bring a box back for you to try?

Keep up the healthy eating. You're inspiring me!!