Monday, June 27, 2011

Healthier eating monday: sticking with 8

Last week's recap:
  1. No juice boxes: check!
  2. At least 1 homemade baked item: hmmm, not sure about this one.  I baked cookies from frozen cookie dough, and I baked cinnamon buns, courtesy of Mr. Pilsbury.  So technically, I did bake, but I just didn't make the doughs from scratch. 
  3. Limit sugary cereals at breakfast to twice a week: check!  
  4. Have fish for supper once a week: check! We had leftover Tuna Fiesta (the recipe makes enough for two meals for us, so I always put half in the freezer for a ready-made meal for the following week).
  5. Have vegetables at lunch: check! 
  6. Drink at least 500 mL of water a day (outside of mealtimes): I did this everyday except for Wednesday and Sunday.
  7. Drink only 2 cups (500 mL) of milk a day: check!
  8. A little less white: So-so.  I bought whole grain Ritz crackers this week, but I also gave in and bought white buns (they were on sale - buy one bag, get one free.  Couldn't pass that up!).  Since I didn't really do any baking from scratch, I didn't have a lot of opportunities to incorporate more whole wheat/grains.  We did have multi-grain tortilla chips on our taco salad, though! :)
I don't have a new goal for this week.  I've actually made the decision that 8 is enough goals to work on for now.  There are still lots of changes that I could make, but I feel that if I make any more right now, I won't be able to follow through with them all.  Already this week I felt like I was starting to slip.  So I'm going to continue working on these goals, and perhaps add more in the future once I feel like these goals have become habits.  I will probably still keep doing "healthier eating monday" posts, though, just to keep myself accountable.

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