Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emmett's new ride

I got a new baby carrier on the weekend, and yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and tried it out.  It's called a Boba, from Tiny TreeHugger, and it's really quite comfortable.  I still love my Sleepy Wrap (and Emmett does too), but I wanted a different carrier for a few reasons - I wanted to have the option to carry him on my back, I wanted something with more structure then the wrap (Emmett's a big guy, and while the wrap still supports him now, I'm thinking it might not as well as he gets bigger), and I also wanted something that would be cooler (temperature-wise) to wear in summer.  The fabric of the wrap is fairly lightweight, but when you wrap it around yourself 3 or 4 times and add in a baby, it gets a bit hot.

Man not included!
Before Emmett was born, I bought a very nice Rockin' Baby adjustable pouch sling that I had hoped to use with him, but it just never seemed to work for us.  As a newborn, he hated the cradle position (he didn't even like to be held like that in our arms), so I just used the wrap, as I could have him in the upright position that he loved.  Now that he's bigger, I was hoping to use the sling for a hip carry, but neither of us seemed to like that either.  After using the wrap (which goes over both shoulders and around your waist), I just couldn't get used to the sling, which just goes over one shoulder.  Not sure what Emmett didn't like about it, but he just never seemed quite comfortable.  Maybe he was just responding to my discomfort.  Anyway, I'm trying to sell the sling now (it's size S/M and still practically brand-new!), so if you or anyone you know is interested in a sling, let me know!

So far I've just had Emmett in the Boba in the front position, because I need some help getting him into the back position.  I tried it yesterday and almost dropped him (good thing we were on the couch!).  So, just for fun, I decided to try Annika instead (she was easier to get in).  The Boba has a weight limit of 45 lbs (which she is nowhere near), so I thought why not?  She thought it was fun, but I have to admit, it wasn't very comfortable for me.  Maybe I didn't have her quite in the right position - it felt like all her weight was very low on my back, which was hard on me.  I probably won't carry her around very much, but I just wanted to give it a try.
I wasn't much into babywearing with Annika, but I have to admit that I'm really getting into it with Emmett.  I guess it started out with the fact that when he was little he always wanted to be held, and I still needed my hands free to do stuff with Annika.  Now I do it because I actually really like it.  On nice afternoons, I try to take the kids out for a walk around the block, and I'll usually put Emmett in a carrier instead of the stroller because it makes it more of a workout for me.  Walking at the pace of a 3 year old doesn't really count as aerobic exercise, but when you strap on a 19 lbs baby, it gets a bit more challenging!  I think Emmett also likes it because he gets a better view of everything, compared to being stuck in the stroller.  He's so content being carried, it seems like he could stay in there all day.  And I love it when he falls asleep, all snuggled up to me.  Definitely a memory I'll treasure when he's all grown up and running around!


Melissa said...

You know how I feel about babywearing:)

Rhonda said...

I may be interested, I'll talk to Stan. I've thought that a sling idea would be nice to try out.