Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Operation: dry bed

As I mentioned in my last 1000 gifts post, we've been trying a little experiment with Annika at night.  She hasn't worn a Pull-Up at night since last Thursday.  So, how's it going?  Well, not that great.  She's had one dry night so far, but she's been wet every other night (or even wet multiple times in one night).  I was hoping that maybe going without the Pull-Up would help her body become more aware and she would either stay dry (which she used to do on a regular basis, and now does once in a while) or she would start waking up to pee (which she also used to do, but now never does), but so far that hasn't really happened.  However, she's being a really good sport about it and tonight she actually decided on her own not to wear the Pull-Up.  I was quite willing to put her back in the Pull-Up to get a good night's sleep after several disturbed nights, but I didn't want to discourage her.  We've been using GoodNites disposable bed mats, so at least I haven't had to do tons of laundry so far.  However, they're not cheap and they create quite a bit of garbage, so I don't want to use them long-term.  I've got a few washable bed mats (like the ones you have in the hospital - but I didn't take them from there!  These were from my mom), so maybe we'll give those a try next, if Annika wants to keep this up.  I'm also looking into buying some cloth training pants, just so I don't have to keep investing in Pull-Ups!

One funny story from Friday night, the first night - I kept waking up, almost every hour, as I was a bit nervous about the whole thing and I was expecting to be woken up.  However, each hour passed and it was all quiet from Annika's room and I was starting to get excited that she would make it through the night dry.  However, on Saturday morning Annika came into our room, fully dressed, and told us that her bed and underwear were wet.  I asked her why she didn't come and tell us when it had happened during the night.  "Well", she said, "I just put on different underwear and slept at the other end of the bed."  What a resourceful girl. :)


Gin said...

That's so sweet of her to let you sleep! Is she going through a growing spurt and maybe her bladder isn't keeping up with the rest of her? I'm proud of her for being such a good sport about it which I think is a complete reflection on how you're interacting with her. You're a good Mom!!

pam said...

Things changed last year in September - maybe it was a growth spurt or something - so it's not really a recent change.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, though! :)