Sunday, June 17, 2012

Children's Museum

Yesterday was a rainy morning, and we decided to go to the Children's Museum, rather than stay home and do boring things like clean the house.  We had received 4 passes to the museum as a Christmas gift, but so far we hadn't taken the time to go.  I had been there once before with the kids, on a tour with my Y Neighbours group, but at the time Emmett was too little to really take it in, and Annika was too timid to actually explore and play (since we were on a tour we didn't have to pay to get in, but we also only had limited time at each gallery.  By the time Annika worked up the nerve to go play, it was time to move on :P).  This was Carey's first time there.  Afterwards we went to The Pancake House for lunch, and it was a really good day. :)  Here are a few of my favorite pics...

Annika's face and hands

 Peek-a-boo Emmett!

Both the kids really enjoyed the water :)

I think this was Carey's, umm I mean Emmett's... favorite part ;)

The 4 of us looking up at the mirrored/"star" ceiling

Emmett enjoyed crashing towers

Annika's favorite thing was the slide. 
She was tentative at first, but by the end she was stretching out her arms and "flying" down the slide.

We went home for nap time (I think we all fell asleep, except for Annika), and then by evening headed out to a family gathering (a pig roast!).  The rain held off for the evening, which was good, because we were all outside.  However, it must have been raining in other parts, because on the drive home we saw this amazing double rainbow.


Nancy said...

That sounds like a great day :)

Gin said...

I LOVE the Children's Museum. My nephews are too old to go so I'm going to have to borrow kids so that I can go again!! Anytime yours are up for another trip, let us know!!