Monday, June 4, 2012

1000 gifts: #151-160

Giving thanks for...

151. The Chapters and Starbucks gift cards I received from my Y Neighbours group at our last session, as a thank-you gift for being the leader this past year.  What a perfect combo - a good book and a good coffee. :)

152. The fact that, although our official Y Neighbours session is over, many of us will continue to get together over the summer.  Having a regularly scheduled playdate is something that both Annika and I need!

153. The way Emmett leans his head back onto my shoulder when I read a book to him.

154. Time spent sewing.

155. Time spent outside.

156. Clean floors (although finally getting around to cleaning them meant sacrificing time that I would've liked to spend sewing or outside!).

157. Delicious homemade popsicles - check out the recipe here. If you like lime and coconut, you'll love these!
Ooh! That's a bit sour!!

158. A good weekend on my own with the kids (Carey went fishing with his friends for the weekend).

159. Supper with friends (fellow "fishing widows") on Saturday evening.

160. A weekend of good weather and safety for Carey and his friends.

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