Monday, June 11, 2012

1000 gifts: #161-170

I'm thankful for...

161. Sunny days and rainy days.

162. The fact that both kids enjoyed their swimming lessons.

163. Coffee with friends.

164. Sunday school teachers who care so much about our kids that they continue to make an effort to connect with them (and us) even though Sunday School is finished for the summer.

165. The fact that Annika will now go down to Children's Church because Emmett is now allowed to go down as well (which means no kids during the sermon - I can actually sit and listen!).

166. Little sprouts in our garden.

167. Our treadmill.

168. Annika's willingness to try going without a Pull-Up at night.  She's such a trooper to put up with our little experiment (which hasn't been overly successful yet, but we'll save that for another post!).

169. Rocking Emmett to sleep last night - haven't done that in forever.  I'm also thankful that I got to rock him to sleep at 9:00 pm, and that when he woke up crying at 2:00 am he just went back to sleep on his own. ;)

170. Pinterest and all the neat ideas for camping/the cabin that I'm finding (recipes, activities for kids, etc).  I'm getting excited for summer!


Mandy said...

What a beautiful list! Ann Voskamp is amazing and inspiring, isn't she? May your blessings overflow!

Susan Beth said...

I miss rocking my boy to sleep at night - enjoy it when you can!