Monday, April 30, 2012


... life has been busy, and the house is looking neglected.  The toys seem to be taking over.

... we've gone outside to inspect for things that are growing (and found some - even the rhubarb that I thought I had killed last summer is poking its head up).

... I made some all-natural solid lotion bars. I'm just waiting for them to harden right now so I can test them out.

... I went shopping with my birthday money and ended up feeling exhausted, frustrated and nearly empty-handed (I only bought 2 tank tops and a t-shirt after 2 hours of kid-free shopping).  I need some new things for spring and summer (espeically some nicer things), but more and more I don't enjoy shopping for myself.  I don't know what styles look good on me (don't want to wear anything that resembles maternity clothes) and I hate changing rooms (does anything make your self-esteem plummet quicker than being in that little room??).  That evening I came down with a fever/chills and ached all over.  I think it was a reaction to the mall. :P

... I got a new pair of ugly custom orthotic sandals (think of something your grandmother would wear).  They're just for in the house, so I'm okay with the fact that they make me look about 75, but they're actually not that comfortable!  I got a new pair because I'd been having problems with my feet and this was supposed to help, but now I've got pain in my right heel that wasn't there before.  Is it just getting used to something new?  Or should I take them back and complain?

... I've been baking more.

... the fish (Annika's birthday present) has been quite lethargic.  I'm actually expecting her to go belly-up any day now (hopefully while she's still on the 30 day warranty!).  I did some quick reading on the web and I think it may be that her water's too cold (it's just room temperature).  But I'm not about to go buy a heater for her, so I'm not sure what else to do for her.  Start knitting little fish sweaters?? ;)

... I ordered wooden peg dolls for Annika's dollhouse, and I've been scouring the web and Pinterest and Etsy for ideas for painting them once they arrive.  They seem to be quite popular as wedding cake toppers, as I've seen quite a few bride and groom dolls.  Annika was looking at the pictures with me, and loved the wedding ones, so we'll have to include those in our set! :)  They're pretty cute, aren't they?  I like the style where they just have eyes and the rest of the face is left blank.  I was wondering about arms, though - I've seen some with arms painted on the side, or some that just leave the arms out completely.  Which do you think looks better?

Wedding couple, no arms

Family, with arms (at their sides, sort of hard to see)

So that's what we've been up to lately.  I'm looking forward to May and hoping for a slower pace, good health for everyone and warmer days!


LaughingLady said...

My advice about the shopping is: INVITE ANDREA!!! She's a great wardrobe coach!

Oh, and I really love those little peg people. So cute!

Andrea said...

:) Thanks for the confidence in me Tammi!

I actually find the opposite about the changing rooms though. So often I'm trying things on at the store and I think I look great in it...but when I bring it home and try it on again I often don't feel the same way.