Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Y Neighbours sale

Yesterday morning my Y Neighbours group put on another "used kids' toy and clothing" sale.  I believe this is the 8th sale I've helped out with, and it was the 2nd time that I also had a table (well, shared a table).  It was a busy week last week, as I not only had to do general group things to get ready for the sale (putting up posters and signs; baking - I made 2 banana bread loaves and 2 pans of brownies), but I also had to get stuff ready for my table.  I've been putting aside clothes and toys and other items that the kids have grown out of for a while now, but I had to go through everything and sort it and price it.  I didn't have anything big to sell (already sold our exersaucer and bouncy chair on Kijiji a while ago), so it was mostly just clothes and a few other things that I was selling, and I did pretty well.  I had a bunch of winter things that I wasn't sure if they would sell (since it's not the right season), and I came home with most of them, but that's okay.  I'll put them on Kijiji by fall and I'm sure I won't have any problem getting rid of them.  The one thing that bothers me about the sale is that I'm pretty sure that someone stole a pair of Robeez slippers from me.  They weren't in my stuff coming home, and I just don't recall selling them to anyone (and I'm pretty sure I would remember that because I loved them - bought them at last year's sale!).  It just irks me because I was selling them for only $5 (they're normally about $25-30 new and they were in great condition) and I would've taken $3 if they had asked, and someone steals them?  Really???  Who does that?? (*shakes head*).

Anyways, other than that, it was a fun morning, and I did fairly well with controlling my own shopping.  We're pretty much set with toys and clothes for both kids (other than a few specific items for summer), so there wasn't really anything that I needed.  I got a new movie for Annika (it's a bunch of old Mickey Mouse cartoons), and I got sandals for Emmett (which he needed, and they were only $1 in great condition) and this awesome sweater vest for $2.

I'm a sucker for sweater vests with argygle, which you may have noticed....

It'll probably be something that comes up in therapy when Emmett's all grown up... ;)
(by the way, he's not crying because of the sweater vest - he's upset because he saw me getting his church snack ready and I didn't let him have any - just wanted to clarify that).

I also got this neat little train for free (yay!) because it's missing the joiner pieces.  For now we've improvised with some pipe cleaners to keep it together.  I also got a jacket for Annika for free (at the end of the sale, people don't want to take stuff home!).

So it was a win-win-win morning - it was good for the group (this was one of our most successful sales), it was good for me to get rid of stuff, and it was good to pick up a few new-to-me things.  I also got to go out for lunch with a few of the other Y Neighbours ladies afterwards, which was fun. :) 

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