Thursday, April 19, 2012

The birthday weekend - part 3

Last one!  Sunday...

We began the day by going to Sunday School and church.  In Sunday School, Annika got to pick a present from the "birthday box" and she chose bubbles (I love presents that can be used up and then thrown away!).  After church we went out for lunch to Boston Pizza (Annika's favorite) with some friends of ours.  Again I forgot my camera! :P  At the restaurant they sang happy birthday to us, and brought us each a giant birthday dessert.  Seriously, it was huge - 2 pieces of brownie and 2 scoops of ice cream on each plate.  Good work, Boston Pizza. :)  One of the friends we were with had also recently had a birthday, so between the three desserts, there was enough for everyone!  Funny thing was, Annika was actually upset when she saw her dessert (they brought it out when she was in the bathroom, and then came back to sing happy birthday).  She wanted the little chocolate pizza that comes with the kids' meal, and when she saw this dessert, she thought that she wouldn't get her chocolate pizza (but she did).  I think in the end she just ended up eating the chocolate pizza and Carey ate most of her dessert.  Silly girl. :P

When we got home, Emmett went down for his nap, and Annika got to watch "Shrek Forever After", which had been a present from Emmett.  It was so funny - when Emmett "gave" her the present, she was so amazed that Emmett had gotten her a present and she said "how did he know I wanted this??" ;)  So now we have the entire Shrek collection (some of you may remember her Shrek-themed cake from last year.  Shrek is a favorite around here).

After nap time we went over to my parents' place for one more birthday dinner.  My mom had hidden our presents, so Annika and I went on a treasure hunt to find our gifts.  Annika got some clothes, light-up shoes (I think her face lit up as bright as the shoes when she saw those!), a new outfit for her doll and a sticker book.  She also got an ice cream parlor Play-doh set from my brother and sister-in-law.  My gifts were a card (with a cheque) and some clear plastic shoeboxes (great for organizing stuff!  What a nerd I am. ;) ).  For supper my dad barbequed steak (my request), and for dessert my sister-in-law made an ice cream cake and my mom made key lime pie (so Annika and I each got to blow out our candles separately).  No shortage of good food over the weekend!

I have to say, I love this picture of Annika and Emmett.  It makes me laugh.  Emmett definitely noticed that Annika was getting a lot more attention than him over the weekend, and he wasn't too happy about it.  He wanted to be part of the action too.  It looks like she's about to hit him in the eye, but he snuck under her arm and dodged the elbow.  And here's finally a birthday picture of me!  (It's my blog, so I wasn't about to post the unflattering blowing-out-the-candles picture!). 

Lastly, here's a few pics of Emmett - like I said before, he definitely feeling a bit left out this weekend, but I think he still had fun.

So that was our weekend.  It was fun, but crazy, and we all needed a day to recuperate afterwards, especially Annika.  Monday was a really hard day for her (and for me).  Hopefully as she gets older this will get easier, or at least I'll get better at scheduling it all and making it work.  Thanks for those who read all these birthday posts - now onto other things (as I have told Annika several times already, when she's brought up the topic of her 5th birthday!  Enough birthday stuff already!!).


Kristin said...

Oooo, the come-down after an exciting weekend sometimes makes me thing twice about scheduling in so much fun in such a short time! Glad to know you had a good weekend ;)

Andrea said...

That is definitely one busy birthday weekend!!!

I think I, personally, would lean towards celebrating your birthdays on different weekends (if it was me, that is). Annika's one weekend and yours the next. In this year's case where they were both on the weekend, I still would've perhaps done Annika's birthday party with her little friends the weekend prior - although I guess that would've fallen on Easter this year. So maybe that wouldn't have worked out quite as well! But in future. Or even to have your birthday dinners with the Grandparents on different weekends just to spread things out a bit.

We rarely have birthday dinners right on - or even in the same week - as someone's birthday. I mean at home, sure, with just our family of 4 - but not with any extended family. That would be one way to cut down on the business and allow you to enjoy the different celebrations better - and spread out all of the food and cake! :)

Gin said...

It's been fun reading about your birthday weekend!! I like the photo of your Dad and Emmett! I don't have any advice about celebrating birthdays. When we were young, Lil and I always had to share ours - our birthdays are a week apart.