Thursday, April 5, 2012


Yesterday I took the kids to get their hair cut.  I take them to my stylist, who is very good with children, but still it was a bit of a gong show.  Emmett was even worse than at his first hair cut (he wouldn't even sit in the chair by himself - I had to sit in the chair with him in my lap :P).  But we came out of there with everyone's hair shorter, so we'll call it a success.  Here's some pics:

Emmett before...
(we called him our little hippie boy)

Emmett after...
(he had to change shirts because he wouldn't wear the cape and there was hair everywhere)

Annika before

Annika after

Annika just had her bangs trimmed because she wants to grow out the rest of her hair, but her bangs were in serious need of cutting!  She also got some "hair sparkles" (aka hair tinsel) put in, which I was trying to catch in the photo, but it didn't really work.

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Gin said...

He looks so mature!!