Saturday, April 30, 2011

A rainy Saturday

What to do on a rainy Saturday, when Carey is working all day (other than loads and loads of laundry)?  Get creative!  Here's what we were up to today:

I painted a bunch of picture frames for Emmett's room...

... and Annika worked on her own masterpiece (sorry, no picture of the little artist at work - it was one of those times when you're too caught up in the moment to remember to take a picture!).

And I also made a pair of hair clips for Annika.

An adorable little girl who has no time to sit still for pictures these days!

Hope you had a happy rainy Saturday too!

1 comment:

Gin said...

Sounds like a great Saturday to me. When we're in a house, I'm looking forward to getting creative, well, at least my type of creative!!