Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sale day

Twice a year, the moms' group that I'm a part of (Y Neighbours) puts on a "kids used toy and clothing" sale as a fundraiser (to pay for the babysitters who watch our kids each week while we have coffee and gab).  When I first joined the group, I thought the sale was a big pain in the a$$.  It seemed to be a lot of work, and it was all we talked about for the first month (or at least that's how it felt!).  However, after my first experience at the sale, I changed my mind.  Yes, it takes a lot of planning, and it's a bit of a long day (starting quite early), but I actually really enjoy the sale.  Maybe it's having a morning "off" from getting kids out of bed and ready for the day.  Maybe it's the thrill of finding some great deals.  However, I think what I enjoy most is spending the morning with the ladies in my group.  They're a diverse group of women, but there's something about working together towards a common goal that is very unifying and rewarding.  I love the women in my group, and I have been so blessed by their support and friendship.  I think every mom needs a moms' group - a place to vent frustrations, ask for advice, share achievements, and just get a little break and some grown-up conversation (and the coffee and goodies we have are just icing on the cake).  It's good for the soul.

Anyway, back to the sale.  Yesterday was the first time that I actually had a table (well, shared a table) and sold some of my own stuff.  I had pretty much saved everything of Annika's since she was born, because I thought I might be able to use some of it again, if we had another girl.  And now, since I don't think Emmett will be wearing pink dresses, I could finally get rid of it!  I did really well at my table - I had brought 7 boxes of clothes and went home with only 2.  I was also able to sell Annika's crib bedding set, which made me happy.  I had one moment of "seller's remorse" though.  While sorting through Annika's clothes, I had picked out a few "favorites" to save - things like the sleeper she wore home from the hospital, her Christmas dresses, etc. 
I figured it would be neat to show her these things when she got older.  However, one item slipped by me, and I didn't realize it until after I had sold it.  It was a simple, white onesie that said "I'm new here."  It was the very first "baby" purchase I made when I was pregnant with Annika.  I was quite superstitious when I was first pregnant, and I didn't buy anything baby-related until I was past the first trimester.  Then when someone bought it yesterday, I thought afterwards, "I should've kept that."  But I guess you can't keep everything.  At least I have a picture of it still.  This is Emmett wearing it - I have a better picture of Annika wearing it, but I don't feel like taking the time to find it right now.  You get the idea.

I limited my own shopping yesterday, because I had recently got a bunch of new-to-us clothing for both the kids, so there wasn't really anything that they "needed."  However, I did pick up a few items (couldn't resist!).  Here are 2 of my scores. 

Brand-new Robeez for Emmett - $10.  The woman said they had never been worn.  I love Robeez shoes, and they're normally about $25 in stores, so this made me quite happy.

A ballet outfit for Annika - $3.  Annika is starting kinder ballet this week.  They don't actually have to have the outfit (just the shoes) because it's a beginner class, but she saw the outfits the other day when we were buying the shoes and fell in love with them.  I wasn't about to pay $30 at the store for a brand-new outfit, so I was quite excited to find this deal.  Check back later this week to see her all dressed up for class. :)

 So, all in all, it was a good day yesterday. 

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