Monday, November 25, 2013

Update: Emmett's scarf & Emmett's bed

I finished Emmett's scarf today.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  This was my first time trying several different things - the ribbed pattern, switching between 2 colors for the stripes, and making a fringe.  Emmett really likes it too, and this will be one thing that he won't quickly grow out of (as long as orange is still his favorite color!).

Scarf pattern found here 
(with a few changes - I made it slightly smaller, and the stripes a little wider, and added a fringe)

Now, about Emmett's bed.  You may recall that last week Monday we changed his crib into a day bed.  Well, we've had some good and some bad with the change.  The good (excellent/amazing, really) is that so far he hasn't once gotten up out of bed after we've put him to bed in the evening, and in the morning he also stays in his bed until I come to get him.  The bad is that he has completely stopped napping.  Prior to the change he was still napping about 2 hours, 3-4 times a week.  Since we made the change he has not napped at all.  AT ALL.  Insert sad mommy face here.  It looks like he is done for good.  I guess the bright side is that it will likely be an easier change than when Annika stopped napping since a) I don't have to deal with a newborn at the same time, and b) we already have a "quiet time" routine established with Annika (one hour of TV time and one hour of quiet play time in her room) and Emmett seems to be adapting to it quite well (he's not quite used to playing on his own for that long, but he's doing a lot better than Annika did when she first started quiet time).  The other advantage is that now I can do things with the kids after lunch, instead of having to wait until after nap time and snack time - which didn't leave much time till supper time.  So it looks like we'll survive this transition, but I have to say, I'm still a little sad about it.

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