Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This afternoon we went to an indoor play place with Annika's friend and her mom.  The kids had a blast, which sort of surprised me, since our kids usually don't get very far at the McDonald's play place before deciding that it's "too high" or "too scary".  But they were all over this climbing structure and they LOVED the slides.  At first Emmett made me come up with him (and down the slides with him), but by the end he had the confidence and bravery to do it all by himself.  Side note: I also had the bravery to climb all the way up to the top - I'm not a fan of heights, and even this was enough to make me a little uneasy at first (but I got over it).  It was a great way to spend the afternoon (especially since the place was practically deserted, probably thanks to the poor weather this afternoon), however it was a bit too expensive to become a regular hangout.

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