Friday, November 29, 2013

So it begins...

We started Emmett's birthday celebrations today. Since he doesn't go to preschool on Mondays (his actual birthday), they celebrated his birthday today.  Last year (when Annika was there), the school had a strict policy that the only things that could be brought in for birthdays were either fruit/veggies, which could be eaten in class, or store-bought packaged snacks (like nut-free granola bars or Rice Krispie treats) to take home - no homemade stuff allowed.  This year they've relaxed the rule a little, and you can now bring in homemade stuff for the kids to take home (and the parents can decide if they let their kids have it or not).  I decided to make Lego-shaped chocolates (getting another use from the Lego mold I bought for Emmett's birthday last year!), since I figured they would be easier to take home than a cupcake, and they should be safe for everyone to eat (I guess unless they're allergic to chocolate).  Emmett was very excited to hand out the treats to his classmates, and I heard several parents oohing and aahing over them in the hallway, which made me feel good too. ;)

Wearing his birthday crown from at school.

In the afternoon we baked cupcakes, which we'll bring to our small group supper on Sunday.  Emmett didn't quite get the fact that the cupcakes were for another day, though - after they were baked, he said "let's eat cupcakes now!"  'Cuz why would you make cupcakes and then NOT eat them immediately, right?!?

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