Monday, September 23, 2013

"I speak for the trees"

Unfortunately there was no one speaking for this tree today.  We had received notice that it would be "trimmed" so that it wouldn't interfere with the power lines, but I had no idea it would be trimmed this much (although the notice did say they could trim 1m - 4m, so I guess that gives them some leeway :P).  I guess I should've gone out and said something, but I wasn't expecting they would cut so much, and then it was too late. :(

 It started off not that bad...

And he just kept going and going...

...until this was all that was left (he thoughtfully left all the dead branches). 

My poor tree is naked!  

I guess the only plus side is that there will be fewer leaves to rake this fall (and Emmett quite enjoyed watching the whole process).

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