Sunday, September 8, 2013

Annika's Bible

Our church has a tradition of presenting kindergarten students with a Bible, and Annika received hers this morning. I was so proud of her, going up in stage all by herself!  She can't read it on her own yet, but she was completely fascinated with it today - leafing through the pages, looking at the pictures, "studying" the maps.  My goal is to find a good family devotional book, so we can help her put her Bible to good use.

On the flip side, my own Bible has been gathering dust lately. To be honest, I probably haven't brought it to church since before Annika was born. With having so much kid-related stuff to carry around (and the convenience of often having the Scriptures displayed on the overhead screen), it was one thing that got left behind. These days I do a lot of my Bible reading on my phone or the iPad, on our Bible app. It's convenient, but not quite the same. And when I pull out my phone in church to look up a passage, I want to announce to everyone "I'm not checking Facebook - I'm really following along!!  I'm listening!!!"


Pamela said...

I feel the same way in church when I use my phone! BTW which bible did she get? I just bought 2 new devotion books for my classroom and the one books seems to follow a kids bible from the same publisher.

Andrea said...

I feel the same way about reading the Bible on a device as I do reading a book that way. It's just not the same. that being said, it's better than not bringing your Bible to church at all - something that I desperately need to change too! I also do feel that it looks inappropriate to be on your phone during church, even if it is for reading the Bible passage. It's all a part of how lazy our society is becoming - myself included! thanks for the nudge - however unintended - for me to start bringing my Bible to church again! :)

ps: I could tell how excited Annika was about her Bible...after potluck, she was dragging around her purse, loudly exclaiming how HEAVY it was, and with only THREE things in it. :)