Friday, September 13, 2013

Emmett's first day of preschool

Today was Emmett's first day of preschool and he did great!  I still cannot believe he's old enough (just barely) for school, but I think it will be good for him.

Of course, he had to wear his favorite orange shirt and his favorite orange sweater!

He's going to the same preschool that Annika went to for the past two years, so it's all very familiar.  The teachers are awesome, so even though I was unsure this morning how he was going to do (he's gotten to be quite a "mama's boy" lately), I knew that he was in very good hands.  They said he did really well, though - he was pretty quiet, but no tears (and no tears for me either).  When we got to the school we had a few minutes to put away his things and wash his hands, and then the door opened.  It's a staggered start, so only half the kids were there this morning.  It looks like it will be a pretty full classroom - I think there will be 20 kids there (morning classes tend to be fuller than afternoon classes - last year Annika only had 14 kids in her class).  I gave Emmett a hug and a kiss in the hallway and he walked into the classroom like a pro.  Some of the other parents were going in with their kids, but I'm a fan of the idea that it's better for the kids to leave the parents, rather than vice versa (if I went into the classroom, then I would be the one walking away from him - this way, he was the one walking away from me - make sense?).  Anyway, I think he made a beeline for the train table, and probably stayed there for most of the morning.  It was the only thing he talked about when I asked him afterwards how was school!

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