Monday, September 2, 2013

Church camp

This past weekend was our annual "church camp" weekend.  The camp we go to is over 3 hours away, so getting there and back is a bit of an.... adventure, but it's fun to be there.  The weather was mostly good, the food was great (love it when I don't have to cook all weekend - I'll gladly do other camp chores to get out of meal prep!), and the company was great too.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few.

I attempted the rock climbing wall!  This was my second time doing rock climbing (I tried it last year for the first time).  I didn't get very high, but I tried.

Annika also did some climbing.

Bedtime snuggles

Ice cream stop on the way home.

I didn't get a picture of this at camp, but this "mosaic-by-number" kit I bought was a big hit (even with some of the older kids).  Annika loves it (and Emmett too, but it's a little beyond him.  He likes to peel off the little stickers and pass them to me to stick on the sheet).

Over the course of the past week I've been doing little braids in Annika's hair.  Today we finally finished her whole head (she can only sit still for a few braids at a time).  Unfortunately we had to take them all out this evening, since tomorrow is haircut day.

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