Friday, September 6, 2013

Preschool "meet and greet"

Today was Annika's second morning of kindergarten and Emmett's "meet the teacher" morning at preschool. I thought he would be more excited to go (since he was always so gung-ho to see what was going on when Annika was there), but he seemed a little hesitant.  When we were getting out of the car he asked "you stay with me, mommy?"  Once we were inside, it was a bit better.  The teachers are the same ones that Annika had last year, so he already knows them a little and they know him a little.  He found the train table, and I literally I had to drag him away from it to look at the other stuff around the classroom.  I can see him spending most of his time playing there.

He seems so young to be starting preschool (because he is, with his late birthday - he's not even 3 yet, while Annika was almost 3 and a half when she started), but I think this will be good for him.  He seems to be quite lost without Annika around.  This morning he was asking "we go pick Annika up?" already at 10:00.  I asked him if he was missing her and he said yes.  So, with preschool on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Y Neighbours on Tuesday mornings, that will cut down on his "lonely" time (or maybe once he gets used to not having Annika around, he'll start enjoying it a little more!). 

So far it's been a bit of a hard adjustment for them both, because after school is done Emmett wants so badly to be with Annika, and she's so tired from school that she just wants to be alone.  So that inevitably leads to them fighting and I've actually been putting Emmett down for his nap early the past 2 days, just to get them apart.  I'm glad, though, that kindergarten is in the morning, because it works nicely to have a little down time after lunch (Emmett naps and Annika has TV time and "quiet" time), and then everyone's in better moods by snack time and for the evening.

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