Friday, April 19, 2013

And a few MORE birthday pictures

This is the last one - promise!!  Yesterday evening we finished off our birthday celebrations with dinner with Carey's family.

How cute is this kid?


Emmett sneaks a taste.

I requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  Annika requested a lady bug cake.  Win-win.  (She looks a little disheveled because we had just come from swimming lessons).

More Lego!!  And a neat scrapbook kit that Annika absolutely loves.

Handmade by Grandpa for her dollhouse - bunk beds and a car.

Just my size. ;)

Emmett even got a little present (his own Lego!), so he wouldn't feel too left out.

And now we're done with birthdays for a while.  This year was not as crazy, since we spread the celebrations out more, but it's been a very hard week with the kids.  Emmett is crazy jealous of all the presents/attention Annika received and Annika does not want Emmett touching any of her new stuff.  Fun.  Emmett has also been asking if it's his birthday soon (makes sense - it was Annika's, then it was mine, so it should be his next, right?).  Sorry kid, not for another 8 months. :P  I'll be glad when all the fuss dies down and we can get back to normal life.

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