Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A few more birthday pictures...

A few more pictures from our birthday celebrations this past weekend.  Some of these you may have seen some of these on Facebook or Instagram already, but I just wanted to put them on here too.

Birthday supper at my parents' place on Thursday evening.

Is it just me, or do we have almost the same expression??

Annika put this Lego set together all by herself.

Rainbow fruit kabobs for preschool snack on Friday.

Getting ready to assemble the loot bags.  Annika helped pick out the treats for her friends.

Annika decorated the loot bags and packed them herself.

Birthday breakfast (the cinnamon bun looks a little sad without its icing on yet).  The crown she got at preschool.

"Pink lemonade" cupcakes for Annika's party.  Very happy with how these turned out.

The camping Lego set we gave to Annika.  It kept her and Carey busy all morning on Saturday, which was a good thing because it kept her from asking "how long till my party?" over and over.

Annika's favorite thing at the Museum - the big slide.

Annika's request for her birthday supper - farmer sausage and cottage cheese perogies!

We have one more birthday supper coming up on Thursday.  It's sort of nice to spread out the celebrations a bit this year, so it's not quite so crazy!

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